Simulated Hospital

Simulated Hospital
Never with an actual patient at first!

The Beaulieu site of the La Source School of Nursing features a simulated hospital organised just like an actual hospital ward. It is also equipped with spaces that reproduce home interiors to a tee to permit practising home care.

The aim is to allow students to rehearse the acts, attitudes and behaviours pertaining to nursing care practice under conditions very close to those they will encounter in real-life practice. The simulated hospital provides a safe space where students are allowed to make mistakes without putting patients at risk.

Simulation front and centre at the Beaulieu site

La Source has dedicated 2,500 m2 to care simulation at its brand new Beaulieu facilities. Teachers and students have at their disposal bright, spacious rooms, state-of-the-art equipment, and spaces designed down to the last detail to allow students to train with simulated patients. The realism is impressive and permeates as much the hospital rooms as the decor of the apartments dedicated to home care.

The School has made clear its resolve to meet the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow, particularly by growing the ranks of next-generation nurses both quantitatively and qualitatively, delivering continuous professional development to existing nurses, and promoting research and innovation in the field of nursing.

Side by side with the SILAB

The simulated hospital is much more than just a workplace and work tool geared to teaching and learning clinical skills. It adjoins the Source Innovation Lab (SILAB), which takes advantage of all the features and facilities that the simulated hospital has to offer to exploit its potential for experimental clinical application. This proximity and the ensuing interaction create a biotope highly conducive to innovation, research, and teaching. The simulated hospital and the SILAB are open to La Source’s privileged partners (patrons, sponsors, clinical and academic partners), as well as to the general public in the course of specific events and conferences.

The simulated hospital in brief

  • Seven hospital rooms
  • Two apartments for home care
  • Three high-fidelity simulation rooms
  • One reception desk
  • One pharmacy
  • Debriefing areas
  • One nurse preparation area
  • Rooms for care equipment and material


Brigitte Hebrant-Henderickx
Head, Simulated Hospital Operations
b [dot] hebrant-henderickx [at] ecolelasource [dot] ch

Anne-Laure Thévoz
Head, Simulated Hospital Mission Development
al [dot] thevoz [at] ecolelasource [dot] ch