Summer universities

Why Summer University?

For students

Summer University (SU) affords all UAS students in the Canton of Vaud the opportunity to:

  • learn about other work methods; discover other cultures;
  • develop a personal international network;
  • learn to interact in a different professional context;
  • develop work-related travel skills; and
  • build communication competencies in a new environment.

Students receive ECTS credits for their participation and SU validation.

For professors

SU represents an opportunity for professors as well. It allows them to try out new teaching approaches and content in collaboration with professors abroad.


Though the number of places available varies from one project to the next, the basic eligibility requirements are the following:

  • be enrolled in a School of Higher Education in the Canton of Vaud
  • have successfully completed the first year of a programme
  • submit academic records, letters of reference, and a cover letter
  • have all modules and practicums validated at time of exchange
  • be sufficiently proficient in English (Courses are given in English. Selected applicants must take an English course the semester prior to the exchange.)

Duration, structure and focus

The exchange lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. The programme is co-constructed by the partners and focuses on current issues in nursing.


The programme consists of courses, practicums, seminars and healthcare site visits. A number of recreational activities are planned as well to strengthen ties between participants and to discover the cultural heritage of the host country.

2019 SU partners

Canton of Vaud: a pioneer in SU higher education

This project was launched in September 2006 by Anne-Catherine Lyon, Head of the Canton of Vaud Department of  Education, Youth and Culture, to support the internationalisation strategy of the Canton’s schools of higher education and to offer the Canton’s students the opportunity to gain experience abroad.

Since then, the project has been deployed in some forty different education programmes. In 2018, over 500 students took advantage of these exchanges.

For more information, see the annual report of the Canton of Vaud Department of Higher Education (DGES).

Want to learn more?

The project supervisor at the La Source School of Nursing is Madeleine Baumann, Dean of International Affairs.

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