LAB–Teaching and Research Laboratories

Striving to fulfill the missions of a SAS… better and better

Created in 2016, the Teaching and Research Laboratories (LAB) are units of the La Source School of Nursing dedicated to fulfilling the fundamental missions of a school of advanced studies (SAS), namely:

  • education (pre- and postgraduate);
  • research;
  • expertise transfer; and
  • international outreach.

Every member of the teaching and research staff of the La Sources School of Nursing is associated with a LAB. New laboratories may be developed in time depending on the availability of future resources. The concept by its very nature is meant to evolve within a flexible and dynamic framework.

This evolution marks the abandonment of the four pillars of research in favour of a more transversal approach. Such an approach makes it possible for the SAS missions to enrich one another by pooling resources and drawing on the expertise of each and everyone in the aim of promoting and developing the discipline of nursing and professional collaboration.

LAB organization

LAB activities cover six spheres:

Want to get a better idea of the current research?

Have a look at the last summary of the ongoing research and doctoral dissertations.

Autumn 2022 summary


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