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Research at La Source is dedicated to meeting the challenges posed by constantly evolving needs in health and in the healthcare system.

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The ageing of the population, the surge in mental health problems and the boom in chronic conditions are major issues facing society and health professionals. Moreover, family caregiver involvement, disease prevention and health promotion are critical to containing the growing cost of health care. In the face of these issues, health paradigms and practices have come under strain and are having to evolve and adapt. Finally, in this age of digital health and new technologies, interprofessional practice and ethics have moved front and centre on the stage of health. To address these issues appropriately and to guarantee safe, high-quality, adapted care, six Teaching and Research Laboratories (LAB) have been created to develop research activities.

Teaching and Research Laboratories


The Office of the Vice-Dean for Research and Development is headed by Dr Nathalie Wellens, Full Professor UAS.

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